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ELO.gg ToS


Please ensure you review the following terms and conditions carefully before using the services of this website. By accepting the terms and conditions you agree to adhere to the following terms:

  1. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

1.1 This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of Canada and the Province of Ontario.

1.2 Any dispute or claim arising from the use of elo.gg will be subject to the laws of Canada and the Province of Ontario.  Upon acceptance of these terms, all users of elo.gg waive all legal rights to claims against the website, it’s owners or it’s contracted employees.

  1. Acceptance

2.1 All users must accept these Terms and Conditions prior to the commencement of any services.

2.2 By using services offered by elo.gg, the user accepts and agrees to these Terms and Conditions.

2.3 Any user that does not agree to the Terms and Conditions as set forth here, will be prohibited from accessing or using the services offered by this website.

  1. General Terms and Conditions

3.1 Elo.gg makes no representations regarding the use, ownership, or transfer of Riot Games' images, affiliate's or intellectual property.

3.2 League of Legends is a registered trademark of Riot Games, Inc. Elo.gg is in no way affiliated with, associated with or endorsed by Riot Games, Inc.

3.3 Any and all unauthorized employees are not permitted under any circumstances to purchase any service from this website or any direct affiliate in any way. The customer fully understands and accepts all risks and agrees to defend, hold harmless, and compensate elo.gg for any allegations made by the unauthorized employees regarding this or any other transaction in regards the use of the intellectual property owned by the unauthorized.

3.4 The content on this site and all extensions of this site is shown as is and without a warranty of any kind either expressed or implied. To the fullest extent allowed elo.gg, rejects all warranties implied or expressed, including but not limited to, implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for particular purpose. In relation to all services, elo.gg provides a service to the customer; no goods, property, or any extension of a physical product are being sold by elo.gg. Elo.gg makes no claim to the title regarding any of the unauthorized intellectual property and are simply acting as a third-party transferee of the property among the unauthorized and the customer.  Once a payment is received by elo.gg and the promised services are completed by the aforementioned, the customer will take elo.gg’s place as a user of unauthorized intellectual property to the limit allowed by the unauthorized. At the end of any transaction between the customer and elo.gg, the customer will assume that elo.gg functions merely as a licensee of the unauthorized to use its intellectual property and grants elo.gg indemnity from the entire business dealing. Elo.gg claims no title to any intellectual property interests held by the unauthorized nor the customer; and except those, if any, granted by the unauthorized, no intellectual properties are being transferred to the customer by elo.gg from any transaction.

3.5 Elo.gg reserves the right to modify or alter any site terms, conditions, pricing or policies with or without any prior notification to the clients, members and visitors. It is the sole responsibility of all clients, members and visitors to monitor all changes and/or additions to the Terms and Conditions.

3.6 By purchasing any service offered by elo.gg, the user automatically agrees to the terms and conditions set out in this document.

  1. Customer Expectations

4.1 Elo.gg is not associated or affiliated with Riot Games or any unauthorized entity in any way. The site owner advises any potential customer or current customers to refrain from violating, infringing, or participating in any illegal actions regarding the intellectual property rights of Riot Games or any unauthorized entity.

4.2 Elo.gg users agree and accept that elo.gg employees and/or contractors are not responsible for user accounts in any way, shape or form. Users provide account information at their own risk, and elo.gg is not responsible for any damage, harm or actions taken on or against your account while receiving purchased services. 

4.3 By using the elo.gg website, or any extension of the site, social media accounts or any forum posts related to this service, viewing content within this website, or any other source of website information linked to elo.gg, you declare under penalty of perjury and under the laws of Canada, you are not employed or affiliated with Riot Games and their respective affiliates and subsidiaries.

4.4 By using the services of elo.gg, users acknowledge and accept the Terms and Conditions listed here. Users take full responsibility for the purchases they commit to on elo.gg and should ensure they are aware of exactly what they are purchasing prior to completing the transaction.

4.5 Users must ensure the services they wish to purchase meet their current qualifications within the game and the correct division. Users accept that if the amount of wins/LP purchased does not match the current division, users then authorize the services to be completed in the proper division.

4.6 Users accept that by purchasing a service on elo.gg, users are aware they cannot dispute or contest any purchase made on elo.gg after the service has been completed, or partially completed. Users may not violate the “chargeback” rules as dictated by PayPal, the payment method used by elo.gg.

4.7 Elo.gg users agree that by purchasing any elo.gg service and proceeding to claim a refund by any means either before, during or once the service ends, there will be consequences. These consequences will be determined by elo.gg site administrators and/or local law enforcement. Users must accept any penalty and/or loss assessed and understand user accounts may be terminated as a result of these actions.

4.8 All elo.gg users accept that losing League Points due to your log ins is considered the user’s responsibility.  This includes dropping from promotion series’ due to mentioned reasons. Users accept that elo.gg reserves the right to change your masteries and runes, and users accept that boosters may use Influence Points and Riot Points currently in the user’s inventory, in addition to those they may win in their quest to complete the services. This also applies to the requirement to purchase additional Champions and Runes needed to complete the services.

4.9 Elo.gg users agree not to play any promotion games during the service times.  If played, elo.gg reserves the right to mark the services as completed. In addition, if you play ranked during a promotion game, elo.gg reserves the right to play promotion series without guaranteeing it.

4.10 All elo.gg users agree if any ranked games are played while awaiting a division or tier-based service, elo.gg reserves the right to stop the service and mark it as complete, with no refunds offered.

4.11 All elo.gg users agree that once a purchase has been registered and/or it has started, users are no longer eligible to receive a cash refund. Please contact the support team if the service is not completed as expected.

4.12 Elo.gg users agree if a chargeback is requested, users are in breach of elo.gg’s Terms and Conditions, and are legally bound to either close the chargeback or pay back the same amount in addition to a fee determined by elo.gg. This amount is will be no less than $50 and no more than three times the original service amount in addition to any potential costs related to the chargeback, including, but not limited to: legal fees, PayPal chargeback fees, debt collection fees etc. Should users fail to abide these guidelines, users accept full liability in a court of law as determined by the jurisdiction of the Province of Ontario.

4.13 Elo.gg users agree any unpaid invoice will be forwarded to a debt collectors agency. This will also apply to any chargebacks for completed services if users do not pay the required remuneration as stated above. Users understand and agree to pay any fees resulting from the services of the collection agency and any other unforeseen costs related to the chargeback.


4.14 Elo.gg users agree and accept that elo.gg and its employees are not responsible for any disciplinary actions taken against users for ordering services through elo.gg.  Additionally, elo.gg employees are not responsible for the actions of any service providers on users’ account. Users are urged to contact support if they feel service providers have taken inappropriate actions.

4.15 Elo.gg users agree and accept that refunds or other types of compensation will not be given for service-related bans or referral issues. If users attempt to get money back, they will be in breach of these Terms and Conditions. Users agree and accept that they will have to return any monies, pay a fine and cover any and all expenses incurred by elo.gg as a result of the case. These costs may include legal fees, debt collection fees, PayPal fees, interests etc.

4.16 Elo.gg users agree that failure to follow these Terms and Conditions may result in a cancellation of current services, additional charges and/or account cancellation.

  1. Refund Policy

5.1 Due to the nature of services offered by elo.gg (non-tangible digital goods), it is not possible to “return” the product therefore refunds are not provided after purchases have been made and the order has been started or the order has been completed.  If an order has not been started, a partial refund or credit may be available to you at the discretion of elo.gg management.

5.2 Once the service has started, users are no longer eligible to receive a refund. If the service has not been completed, users have the right to request an appropriate credit for missing services. Credits will be provided at the discretion of elo.gg management.

5.3 Guides and Vods will not be refunded in any way, partial or in full, due to the nature of the product (instantly delivered virtual goods).

  1. Intellectual Property

6.1 The copyright and all associated materials, including and without limitation, all text, graphics, images, artwork, software, music/sound, audio, video, messages, files, documents or other materials, whether publicly posted or privately transmitted, at or on the website or any other public medium, as well as all derivative works, is held by elo.gg and is protected by copyright, trademark and other intellectual property laws. Trademarks, logos, images and service marks displayed on the website are registered and unregistered property of elol.gg. 

6.2 Users must notify elo.gg prior to any use of materials. Once elo.gg has been notified of the intended use, access to materials may or may not be given for personal, informational, and non-commercial purposes to promote elo.gg's services, provided that such use conforms to agreed upon terms of use.

6.3 By agreeing to the limited license, users acknowledge the validity of elo.gg's ownership of site materials and will not contest such ownership or the validity of any registrations of elo.gg. If users acquire any goodwill or reputation in any elo.gg’s materials, all such comments or reputation will automatically vest in elo.gg to effect such vesting. 

6.4 Elo.gg reserves the right to object to any use of website materials and contents, including prohibited and unlawful uses, even if the use is not expressly prohibited by these Terms and Conditions. Furthermore, elo.gg reserves the right to revise these Terms and Conditions at any time without notice. By consenting to use of the website materials and contents, users agree to immediately cease and desist using the content upon written or electronic request. 


6.5 Any material provided by any user and used on the website is considered to be property of elo.gg and users give up any rights or claims to said property from the time of posting or use on the site or until elo.gg renounces any claims or proprietary interest in said materials. Elo.gg reserves the right to never disclaim proprietary interest in any material used on the website.

6.6 Users are not allowed to share Guides or Vods with anyone, it is a limited license and individual users are the only people allowed to use it/view it. Sharing Guides and Vods with other people, publicly or privately, is a breach of contract and will result in penalties. Users accept that they will reimburse elo.gg the original price of the Guide or Vod (per person) multiplied by the number of people it is shared with.

  1. Violations


7.1 Elo.gg abides by a ZERO TOLERANCE policy relating to any activity which violates our terms and conditions. 

7.2 Along with the ZERO TOLERANCE policy, if any user violates the terms and conditions they will have their account(s) removed without any refund or reimbursement. Additionally, users understand that elo.gg reserves the right to hold any user or any third-party using the service on behalf of the user, responsible for any and all financial damages and losses which may be incurred arising out of said violations, including, but not limited to attorney’s fees, fees for expert witnesses, court costs, and other charges. 


7.3 Users agree and understand that elo.gg reserves the right, in its sole discretion to enforce violations of these Terms and Conditions. Failure to comply constitutes a violation of the user agreement and may result in one or more of these following actions:

  • Issuance of a warning;

  • Immediate, temporary, or permanent removal of access to elo.gg with no refund;

  • Legal actions against you for reimbursement of any costs incurred via indemnity resulting from a violation;

  • Independent legal action by elo.gg as a result of a violation; or

  • Disclosure of such information to law enforcement authorities as deemed reasonably necessary.


7.4 Elo.gg reserves the right to take any other actions deemed necessary to enforce and protect its rights. If any user finds their account has been suspended, they may contact support for further information.

  1. Services

8.1 Services exist only as long as and in the form that we may provide the service, and all aspects of the service, including your user content and account information, are subject to change or elimination.

8.2 Elo.gg has the right to change, limit access to, and/or eliminate any aspect(s), feature(s) or functionality of the service (including user content) as it sees fit at any time without notice, and makes no commitment, express or implied, to maintain or continue, or to permit open access to, any aspect of the service. Users acknowledge and accept all risks involved with using the service and make the decision to participate in the service, contribute content and spend monies accordingly.

  1. Service Level Agreement

Service coverage and speed of service are not guaranteed. While elo.gg will make every attempt to maintain the service availability at all times, the service may be subject to unavailability for numerous reasons including maintenance, emergencies, network issues and natural disaster, among other reasons. However, every effort will be undertaken to ensure the services are back up and running as soon as possible.

For customer service inquiries or disputes, please contact support@elo.gg

Questions related to payments made through PayPal payment should be addressed to payments@elo.gg