A solo boost is when the booster plays on your account. A duo boost is when you play with the booster. (No log-in credentials required for duo boosting.)
A duo boost is more expensive as the booster cannot control how you play. This can result in longer play times. A booster may have to play different roles to accommodate your main roles which makes the boost more difficult.
You may not play ranked on your account. If you do the boost will be canceled and no refund will be given. If you want to play a non-ranked game mode you must first click the PAUSE button on your client dashboard. This alerts the booster that you are going to play on the account and they should not start a game.
The pause button will not be available if a game is in progress on your account. Wait until the booster is done before checking the progress. If you do not want your booster to play another game after the current game is completed, use the booster-client chat and ask them not to start another game.
If you made an error in your order or you ordered the wrong product, you can pause or cancel your order from the boost dashboard. If no progress has been made on the order and the booster is not in game you will be issued a full refund. If, however, progress has been made or the booster has already started a game, you should immediately tell the booster to not play another game and contact support. We will help you sort out the issue.
Refund times are subject to PayPal terms and conditions. Refunds can take up to 5 days to appear in your account.
All payments are made with PayPal which supports: PayPal balance, credit cards and bank transactions.
If you have another question or concern please contact our support team here.